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Chemistry 14-16NEW! Chemistry for 14 - 16 year old students doing courses such as GCSE in the UK. I am still writing this section, but everything on the site so far should work.
CIE syllabus supportSupport pages for CIE (Cambridge International) A level students and teachers.
Atomic Structure and BondingCovers basic atomic properties (electronic structures, ionisation energies, electron affinities, atomic and ionic radii, and the atomic hydrogen emission spectrum), bonding (including intermolecular bonding) and structures (ionic, molecular, giant covalent and metallic).
Inorganic ChemistryIncludes essential ideas about redox reactions and electrolysis, and covers the trends in Period 3 and Groups 1, 2, 4 and 7 of the Periodic Table. Plus: lengthy sections on the chemistry of some important complex ions, and of common transition metals. Extraction and uses of aluminium, copper, iron, titanium and tungsten.
Physical ChemistryCovers simple kinetic theory, ideal and real gases, chemical energetics, rates of reaction including catalysis, an introduction to chemical equilibria, redox equilibria, acid-base equilibria (pH, buffer solutions, indicators, etc), solubility products, phase equilibria (including Raoult's Law and the use of various phase diagrams), entropy and Gibbs free energy.
Instrumental analysisExplains how you can analyse substances using machines - mass spectrometry, infra-red spectroscopy, NMR, UV-visible absorption spectrometry and chromatography.
Basic Organic ChemistryIncludes help on bonding, naming and isomerism, and a discussion of organic acids and bases.
Properties of organic compoundsCovers the physical and chemical properties of compounds on UK A level chemistry syllabuses, and includes a limited amount of biochemistry.
Organic Reaction MechanismsCovers all the mechanisms required by the current UK A level chemistry syllabuses.
About this siteIncludes a contact address if you have found any difficulties with the site.
Questions and commentsA selection of questions that I have been asked lots of times about Chemguide together with a few general comments. There are also a number of chemistry questions that I have been asked and which I haven't been able to find good answers for!
Chemistry CalculationsA description of the author's book on calculations at UK A level chemistry standard.
Textbook suggestionsSuggestions for textbooks and revision guides covering the UK AS and A level chemistry syllabuses, with links to if you want to follow them up.
Download syllabusesFor UK students and international students using UK exams (e.g. Cambridge International). Download a copy of your current syllabus from your examiners.
LinksA random collection of links to sites that I have found interesting or useful. You will find it is a fairly quirky collection - that's deliberate.
Pearson's Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry booksSupport pages for the Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry books of which I am either the author or joint author.

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