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There are relatively few calculations on this site, but you might be interested in my chemistry calculations book.

If you have found this site helpful, you should find the book will help you as well.

Don't be misled by the book's title! It was written to cover the calculations in UK AS and A level chemistry syllabuses (roughly for ages 16 - 18 years), but chemistry calculations are just the same wherever in the world you are working.

Each type of calculation is introduced in a very gentle way, making no great assumptions about your chemistry knowledge or maths ability. There are then lots of worked examples, gradually getting more difficult and showing as many variations on a calculation as possible.

At the end of each section there is a set of problems for you to do, based firmly on what has gone before. At the back of the book, you will find complete worked solutions to these problems.

At the end of each chapter, you will find another set of problems covering the ground again. This time, numerical answers are given for the problems - but no worked solutions.

You can explore parts of the book by looking at it on the Amazon site, using the "Click to LOOK INSIDE" feature. That will give you the full contents list and the index, the first 6 pages of Chapter 1, and all the answers to the problems in the book - including the fully worked answers. You can also read all the reviews of the book.

This link will take you to the book on the Amazon.co.uk site:

Calculations in AS / A Level Chemistry

Non-UK students can also buy the book from Amazon.co.uk, but will obviously have to pay a delivery charge. Delivery in the UK is free if you use Amazon's Super Saver Delivery.

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