Translating Chemguide pages into other languages

Over the years, a number of people have asked me if they could translate a page of Chemguide (with one exception, always the same page!) into another language, and requested a link to their translated page.

At first I was happy to do this, but I have since changed my mind, because the more I think about it, the more it seems a fairly pointless gimmick.

In all the translations I have looked at, labelling on the diagrams remains in English, and important links on the page will take readers to other English pages. That means that a reader has to be competent in English to make any real use of the translations - so what is the point of the translation?

So I have now removed all the existing links, and don't intend to add any new ones. If you want to translate a page into another language, that's not a problem. I have no objection provided you make clear the original URL of the page, and don't expect a link from me.

There have been a couple of cases in the fairly distant past when someone has asked if they could translate the whole site into another language. That is something I can see the point of, but it would involve a huge amount of time and effort. To make it effective, all the graphics with any text on them would have to be redrawn. Simply managing all the cross-linking would also be a nightmare.

Whether anyone ever finished such a project, I have no idea!

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