Can you add this link to Chemguide's links page?

The short answer is "Probably not!!"

I am always prepared to look at stuff people suggest, but I should warn you that I am very critical, and reject far more links than I use. There are several criteria that I use to judge a link .

  • The material must be relevant to 16-18 year old chemistry students world-wide. That means it will contain a significant amount of high quality chemistry which doesn't just repeat things already on Chemguide. I will also consider well thought out pages relating to university chemistry courses or careers, although this would ideally need to relate to students world-wide rather than just in one country.

    I might also accept the odd bits of quirky stuff. For example, one of my existing links is to a site offering chemistry jokes. (And, no, I don't want any more!).

  • There must be no major commercial interest. I have turned down a lot of links which are essentially a page of fairly low-level chemistry tacked on to a site selling some product or service. I am not going to turn Chemguide into a vehicle for advertising.

  • I am also determined not to set precedents which means that I can't logically refuse similar offers. For example, I no longer accept any material offered by sites for tutorial agencies. There are so many of them that eventually I would be swamped by them.

    Those also, of course, fail on the basis that they are commercial enterprises.

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