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Video clips and animations

Polymerisation of ethene

Simple white-board based talk-through of the polymerisation of ethene. It shows the name of the product as "poly-ethene" whereas the convention is to write poly(ethene), but that is a minor criticism compared with the errors I have found on lots of other videos! YouTube

More addition polymerisation

Formation of poly(ethene), poly(chloroethene) and poly(propene). The answer to the question at the end is tetrafluoroethene and poly(tetrafluoroethene). YouTube

Condensation polymerisation

A fairly simple description of how nylon and polyesters are formed from their monomers. YouTube

Making nylon-610

A close-up of what happens in the beaker during the nylon rope trick. This is a slightly different version of nylon from the one in the book, because one of the monomers has 10 carbon atoms, rather both having 6 as in the nylon-6,6 version in the book. YouTube

The nylon rope trick (Bob Burk version)

An entertaining demonstration of the nylon rope trick. Watch the previous link first, though, because it gives you a slightly better view of the chemistry. YouTube

Other interesting or useful sites

Recycling polyester

Shows how the polyester used to make plastic bottles is recycled into polyester fibres for making clothing. YouTube

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