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This part of Chemguide provides support for the first edition of my Chemistry for International GCSE book written for the Edexcel syllabus.

Students or teachers using other GCSE syllabuses might find some of the material useful as well.

Important:  This book covers the syllabus for all Edexcel International GCSE chemistry exams up to and including 2018. A second edition will be published in 2017 for a revised syllabus to be examined for the first time in 2019.

About the book . . .

Some brief comments about the book and what it aims to do

About the CD . . .

A description of the contents of the CD accompanying the book. It would be a good idea to read this before you use the CD.

Chapter-by-chapter . . .

To select individual chapters (or topics if you aren't actually using the book) in order to find specific support material (videos, practicals, etc)

Guidance for home-schooling parents . . .

A first port-of-call for home-schooling parents. Last updated 15/11/2011.

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