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Links for Chapter 3: Bonding

Video clips and animations

Types of bonding animation

Nicely presented animation of types of bonding including a sketchy introduction to hydrogen bonding (which is a form of intermolecular bonding, not specifically on the syllabus.) There is an over-reliance on full outer levels and the Octet Rule, which I am not very keen on, but that is the only downside. It is important that you watch the four options in the order that they are presented. Once you have finished one part, press the "option" button to go to the next one.

Ionic bonding from the BBC

Faultless explanation (over 5 pages) of ionic bonding from the BBC, with no dubious bits about full levels, octets, etc. Includes one useful (if unexciting) animation.

The formation of ionic bonds

Another excellent talk-through of the formation of ionic bonds. Sufficiently different from the previous link to be worth looking at both.

Metal bonding

YouTube animation of metal bonding and conductivity. You don't need to watch the whole thing - it just repeats itself several times.

Other interesting sites

Intermolecular forces

An introduction to intermolecular forces from the main part of Chemguide. Aimed at A level, but accessible to GCSE students who might be interested.

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