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Links for Chapter 26: Titration calculations

Video clips and animations

How to set up a burette animation

A simple, quite amusing, animation showing you how to fill a burette. The method of getting the burette below eye-level only works if you are using a stand with a heavy metal base - otherwise it will tip over.

How to take burette readings

A simple interactive page from the same source to practise taking burette readings.

How to use a pipette

An excellent video description of the way to use a pipette for accurate work. It mentions the term "aliquot", which is used in this sense to mean a measured sample taken from a liquid. YouTube

How to use a burette and do a simple titration

An excellent video description showing how to do this accurately in a simple acid-base titration using phenolphthalein as indicator, running an alkali (the "titrant") into an acid (the "analyte"). Don't worry about these, possibly unfamiliar, terms. YouTube

Instructions for practical work

I have referred to as a reliable source of instructions for experiments. If you find anything really good from other sources, could you let me know via the address on the about this site page of Chemguide. search page

At the time of writing (June 2009), there were no quantitative simple titrations on the site. This link will enable you to search the site if you should feel the need.

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