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Links for Chapter 21: Polymers

Video clips and animations

Making nylon-610

A close-up of what happens in the beaker during the nylon rope trick. This is a slightly different version of nylon from the one in the book, because one of the monomers has 10 carbon atoms, rather both having 6 as in the nylon-6,6 version in the book. YouTube

The nylon rope trick (Bob Burk version)

An entertaining demonstration of the nylon rope trick. Watch the previous link first, though, because it gives you a slightly better view of the chemistry. YouTube

Polymerisation animations

Two simple animations comparing addition and condensation polymerisation.

Instructions for practical work

I have referred to as a reliable source of instructions for experiments. If you find anything really good from other sources, could you let me know via the address on the about this site page of Chemguide.

Polymers menu

Selection of experiments based around polymers, but (surprisingly) at the time of writing, not the nylon rope trick.

Nylon rope trick from the University of Minnesota

Contains a reasonable amount of safety information, but not as explicitly as material from

Other interesting or useful sites


There is a question in the chapter based around polyesters which aren't on the IGCSE syllabus or mentioned elsewhere in the chapter. If you would like a bit more information, then you could have a look at the beginning of this Chemguide page about them. Do remember that it is aimed at A level (or its equivalents) though.

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