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Links for Chapter 16: Manufacture of chemicals

Video clips and animations

Haber Process simulation

Not terribly good, but the best I can find for free. Press the "start" button and see how long it takes for the "equilibrium reached" button to light up. Then press "discharge" to see what the percentage yield was. Change the conditions, and repeat. It is very hard to judge how the time that it takes to reach equilibrium varies with conditions, but it is easier to see the effect on yield.

Instructions for practical work

I have referred to as a reliable source of instructions for experiments. If you find anything really good from other sources, could you let me know via the address on the about this site page of Chemguide.

Full list of intermediate level experiments

I can't find anything very obvious at the time of writing. It might be worth searching this full list to see if anyone has come up with anything since then.

Other useful or interesting sites

The Haber Process on Chemguide

A rather more expansive look at the Haber Process. The level is much the same as in the book, but I had much more space to say it in.

The Contact Process on Chemguide

This time, a rather more expansive look at the Contact Process.

Sulfuric acid from Wikipedia

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about sulfuric acid.

Haber Process crossword

This actually needs knowledge of the conversion of ammonia into nitric acid as well, but you can cheat with those answers if you can't guess them. Quite an interesting way of spending a few minutes if you like crosswords.

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