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Links for Chapter 10: Making salts

Video clips and animations

The growth of copper(II) sulfate crystals

Short, gentle, quirky video showing the growth of copper(II) sulfate crystals in a dish. YouTube

A neutralisation reaction

A page about neutralisation reactions including an animation of the reaction between sodium hydroxide solution and hydrochloric acid.

Precipitation reaction involving calcium and carbonate ions

A very nice Flash animation of the precipitation reaction producing calcium carbonate. Make sure you read all the text alongside the graphics.

Precipitation of silver chloride

A page giving access to a short video showing the precipitation of silver chloride, and an animation to explain it. The animation isn't quite as clear as the previous one.

Precipitation of silver chloride and iodide

Included to show the pale yellow colour of the silver iodide. Silver bromide is somewhere between this and the white silver chloride in colour. YouTube.

Precipitation of barium sulfate

Concentrate on what is happening, and ignore some of the spelling! YouTube.

Instructions for practical work

I have referred to as a reliable source of instructions for experiments. If you find anything really good from other sources, could you let me know via the address on the about this site page of Chemguide.

Acids, alkalis and salts menu

The same menu that you have probably already seen for experiments involving reactions of acids.

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